About Selma&Louis

Selma and Louis are two Norwegian friends who have talked about taking a road trip across the US since they first met in film theory class back in ‘98. Their real names are not Selma and Louis, but as our plan was starting to mature, we decided we needed a “production title” for our trip, and in honor of one of the best known road movies of the nineties, we chose the name “Selma&Louis”. So here we are!


Selma (Illustration by Hilde Skjølberg)

When Selma was a kid, she wanted to be an indian. When she realized she couldn’t be, she wanted to marry an indian. About the time she realized she didn’t want to marry any man, she planned to go to college in the US. And when that never happened, she wanted to go on a road trip across the US. When she met Louis, she knew they’d make a great team on such a trip.

Selma’s real name is Hilde, she’s 30, she’s a computer geek - and she’s crazy in love with her girlfriend. She works as a webdeveloper/designer for Norways largest newspaper VG Nett, runs hebedesign.com and writes a blog (in Norwegian).


Louis (Illustration by Hilde Skjølberg)

Louis is a handsome fellah from a tiny little place called Storforshei. His real name is Stein-Gøran, he’s 35 years young, looks like he’s 25 and acts like he’s… 15? He’s working as a radio techie for the Norwegian public broadcasting, NRK, and is the lead singer in the band Grill Bill and the Hot Dogs. He’s got a huge heart, a weird sence of humor and a big dream about driving across the US in a big, old Chevy Convertible. And making a movie out of it.

But who the hell is this Brad in the back seat?

Brad is our secret guest on the trip. He’s the shy and quiet type, so we won’t say too much about him right now. But as soon as we hit the road, we’ll introduce him properly!