About our trip

We’ve been talking about traveling across the US for as long as we’ve known each other, and finally we realized our dream! After years of talking about it and months of actual planning, we got on the road!

On April 4th 2007 we went on the plane in Oslo and set course for Seattle. Six weeks later, on May 18th, we returned to Norway - with memories for life!

Here’s where we traveled

Map with our temporary itinerary

We started in Seattle, and drove south through Oregon into California. We stopped in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, before heading into Las Vegas and further through Arizona and Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado. There we dropped off the car and got on a train to Chicago. Before heading on to Boston, we took a trip to visit a friend in Madison, Wisconsin - and spent a few days in the windy city.

In Boston we picked up our next car, and headed south again. We passed Philadelphia and Washington DC on the way down to Savannah, Georgia, and then headed up to Nashville and Memphis. After enjoying some country and blues, we drove down to jazzy New Orleans - and then went down through Florida to spend a few days in the Florida Keys. Then we flew up to NYC, where we spent a few days - and bucks - before heading back home again.